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Table Stool Trolley

The owners began trading in 1986 as Medrecon Australia, rebuilding old and out of service operating tables, transforming them to like new condition at a fraction of the cost of a new table. Over the next four years, Medrecon developed a range of accessories which it designed and manufactured.

1992 saw Medrecon secure the Australian distribution of the Amsco range of surgical products which it introduced and promoted until the distribution was abruptly terminated when Amsco was acquired by Steris Corporation in the United States. Over the following five year period Medrecon retained the agency: it sold over 130 tables, numerous sets of theatre lights, room size tunnel washers and other associated equipment.

By 1998 Medrecon was firmly established as 'the operating table people' and the 'people you can trust'. Without a table to promote the owners of Medrecon immediately embarked on a project to design and produce its own table to its own specifications. The result was an Australian built electro-hydraulic table with a carbon fibre top and support arms, cantilevered to facilitate full length body imaging.

After selling 125 tables Medrecon decided the table had more potential than the small Australian market: however, the international market was beyond the capacity of Medrecon to service at the time. The table design, as well as the manufacturing organisation was sold in January 2004, while the accessory range was retained. For the twelve months following the sale, these were sold through the new owners. The name was relinquished.

In 2005, under a new name and after a long period of product evaluation and negotiations, Hipac secured the exclusive agency distribution rights to Skytron International products in Australia. Skytron claims, as an organisation, to hold the coveted number one position in the United States for lights, tables and booms, while complete operating theatre integration is also one of their key products. Senior members of Hipac staff who have been with the organisation for over two decades are confident that we are now promoting the finest products sold in Australia to date.

In 2010 we have established ourselves in Australia alongside the Skytron range of products as second to none – among the elite, offering products and services of the highest quality in the local market. While remaining competitive in terms of price, there is no doubt that our superior range of equipment coupled with our directly employed service support team, is leading the Australian capital equipment market and will continue to do so into the future

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